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How to Use PasswordSecure  - step by step instruction

This page gives you a step by step tutorial on how to use PasswordSecure.

Step 1: Login to PasswordSecure

First time logging in:

When you login PasswordSecure first time, PasswordSecure will prompt you a dialog to enter a master password. Choose a suitable password and click "ok" to login.

Normal login:

After you setup the master password, you need to enter in the password for the following logins before you can retrieve and manage your passwords and secure data.

Step 2: Add a site login

There are 2 ways to add a site to PasswordSecure - automatically and manually.

Add a site automatically:

  1. Keep yourself logged in to the PasswordSecure while you login to a websites . A message box as shown below will pop up asking you whether you want to add the site to PasswordSecure.

  2. Choose "Yes" and a dialog will pop up (see figure below) with necessary information filled, you just need to choose the icon you like, give a name to the site and click the "Save" button.

  3. You will find that the site is added to the sites page. You can just double click the site icon and PasswordSecure will automatically open the browser and login to the Site.

Add a site manually:

  1. After you login to PasswordSecure, the sites page will be displayed by default. You can just click on the "Add Site" button to start adding the site manually.

  2. We do not encourage manually add site as it may cause the site added not working well. Please only manually add site if you are sure the site only has one form and works well with manual adding. You need to click YES when the confirmation dialog appear.

  3. There will will a dialog poping up where you need to fill in the site information including the user name and password you used to login to the site. Same as manual adding site, you can give a name for it so that you can recgonize it easily from the site list.

  4. You will see the site added to the site after you click "Add" button.

Step 3: Auto and secure login to the site

After you adding the site to PasswordSecure, a double click on the site or click on "Login Site" after the site is selected by mouse click, will lead you to open your browser automatically and login to the site.

Step 4: Add Credit Card Information

  1. Click "Credit Cards" button on the main dialog will bring you to the "credit cards page".

  2. You can then click on "Add Card" button to start adding the credit card information.

  3. After click the Add button, you will see the credit card added to the credit card list box.

    Step 5: Add safe notes

    1. Click "Safe Notes" button on the main dialog will bring you to the "Safe Notes Page".

    2. You can then click on "Add Notes" button to start adding the safe notes to PasswordSecure.

    3. You will then need to fill in the notes your want to record down and you can have a name for it so that next time you can easily realize it.

    4. After click the Add button, you will see the safe notes added to the safe notes list box.

      Step 6: Exit PasswordSecure

      To exit PasswordSecure, right click the trayicon on the taskbar and select Exit.

      Should you still have problems for using PasswordSecure, please contact us by sending email to


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