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How to download and Install PasswordSecure - step by step instruction

This page gives you a step by step tutorial on how to download and install PasswordSecure from our website.

Step 1

Click on the download link given in your order confirmation page/email (or copy and paste it into your browser) .

Step 2

If the password dialog like shown below pops up, please type (or copy and paste) the user name and password given in your order confirmation page/email. Click "OK".

Step 3

The "File Download" dialog box will appear, click on "Save" and then select the folder you want to save the file into. 
(Do not change the file's name or extension and remember the filename and which folder you saved into) 

Step 4

After you chose the folder where you want the file to saved to, your browser will initiate the download. You'll have to wait till whole file is downloaded. 
Sometimes the download may fail or be corrupted. It could be caused by errors from Internet network congestion to static/noise on your telephone line. Please try again later if the download failed.

Step 5

After you have downloaded the file, you can start installing the program by double clicking on the PasswordSecure file.

Step 6

The setup wizard will guide you the rest of the installation process.

Step 7

After finishing the installation, click on Start, Program and look for your program Start Menu Folder to launch your program.

Step 7

You will be able to start using PasswordSecure now. Additional Help is provided by clicking the menu Help->Help Topic.

Should you still have problems installing the program, please contact us by sending email to

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