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Make your Computer Safe with FileSecure 

FileSecure secures your files with military grade encryption and shredding technology. Now you can protect your valuable data on your computer and send confidential information to your friends without worrying about the contents being intercepted and misused. FileSecure is so easy to use that you can secure your file system with button clicks.  

Is Your Computer System Secure?

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Moreover, Every time you send files to your friends in email or file transfer software, unauthorized parties can intercept your files and misuse them.

What Is The Problem?

Every time you connect to internet, surf the web, or download the files, you are actually expose your personal files on your computer to malicious attacks even you have firewall installed in your computer. Unauthorized parties can easily break in to steal your personal files on your computer.

In the past two years, weaknesses and vulnerabilities in computers have grown over 4 times! Who knows what can happen in future, there may be more vulnerabilities found by hackers and they will be easily stole any files they want and misuse them.

Attention: Your system may not secure even with firewall and virus scan program installed on your computer! Your files are in danger and need your rescue!

How Can I Protect My Personal Files?

Never sending files to your friends or receiving files from your friends. Never access internet so that there is no way for unauthorized party to access your computer. But obviously, it is not feasible.

Another way will be encrypt the personal files on your computer, so that there will be no way for un-authorized parties to interpret your files even they can see it. Shred the files you want to discard so that unauthorized parties will not be able to recover it.


We Highly Recommend Powerful but Easy to use File Secure System - FileSecure

FileSecure Special Offer
Normal Price: $59.95
Save: $20.00

- Use US military grade encryption technology to encrypt your personal files

- Securely discard and shred the files

- Easy to use, only button clicks will help you encrypt the files

- Encrypt files into a self-decryption archive, decryption proceed do not need FileSecure

- Risk free with 30-day money back guarantee

What Can This Software Do For Me?

US military grade encryption technology

FileSecure makes powerful encryption technology accessible to everyone. The encryption technology FileSecure used is so strong that it has never been cracked! And it cannot be cracked with current computer technology includes supercomputers! Now you can protect the valuable data on your computer and send confidential files to others without worrying about the contents being intercepted and misused.

FileSecure is so easy to use!

You can encrypt your files with just button clicks! The encrypted files will be in exe format. You can just double click on the exe file and enter the password to decrypt it, even do not need to open FileSecure.

Distribute encrypted file to people who don't have the program

Self-decrypting archives are one of the most powerful features of this program. They enable you to pack files into a single archive file that recipients can decrypt without having FileSecure program. They just need to double-click on the archive file and enter the password.

Shredding the files which you want to permanently discard

This is another powerful feature of FileSecure, which will overwrite the files you want to discard, and then permanently shred it, make it unrecoverable. Now you can just shred the files which you do not want any more, with a peace of mind that nobody will be able to recover the file you shredded and misuse it.

If our products do not work for you, we will entirely refund you. 100% risk-free, 100% satisfaction! Buy before 29 Feb 2004 and enjoy the promotion price of $39.95

Is The Software Easy To Use?

Absolutely. Encryption of files and shredding of the files are just button clicks. Decryption of files are even easy as we encrypt the files into exe file, you can just double click the encrypted file to decrypt it. The whole process will be automatically done and do not need any other actions from you.

In addition, our technical support team are always ready to support you. The support will be 100% free.

Will It Work On My Computer?

Yes.Our software is certified for. It will work great on your computer, and works with any system language.

System Requirements

  • 16 MB of RAM, 10 MB of Free Disk Space.
  • Windows 95, 98, 2000, NT, ME, XP

For only $39.95, you can now protect your files and data against Internet Attackers! Your FileSecure subscription include:

  • Full version of FileSecure
  • 1 year free technical support
  • 30 day money back guarantee


Buy Now and Protect your Files and Data

Limited Offer !
Usual Price $59.95
Special Promotion Price

Save $20 Today!

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